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The Beginning…

Chrysalis Amiss is an Audio Drama I initially started writing in 2019 while I was in high school. Shortly after, i began experiencing depression. Thus, the project has been on and off hiatus for some time now. When I initially started the project it was with a group of three other friends. These friends being Sunny, Vortex, and Strider. We were so excited to make this audio drama a reality. We wrote the entirety of episode one… and then realized it made no sense. We then started rewriting the episode but one by one the friend group got busy and their lives got in the way. Including mine. It was up to me to write the script on my own as there waa no possible way for us all to make time to collaborate together. After i had written over half of episode one’s script, with help from Vortex at this point as he was the least busy, I invited LullabyForBears, my now co-director, to the join the project discord server in mid 2020. Though, at this point, she hardly talked. I eventually started talking more and more about Chrysalis Amiss and writing until Lullaby got intrigued in the first quarter of 2022 and climbed up the ranks in helping me. We realized, once again, what I had written made little sense or was slightly off from how the characters would realistically act. Now, this was better than the first rendition of episode one, but still needed to be redone. Lullaby piece by piece has helped me rewrite most of the first episode so far but there is plenty of work to be done. Thankfully, in this second attempt at rewriting we didn’t delete everything and start over like we did the first time. The plot made sense and is interesting, just the wording and mannerisms are currently getting reworked. Anyways, that’s enough rambling for now. Onto the next section!

Why Aren’t You Casting People Yet?

Well, as you can probably see from above, it’s a little hectic at the moment. I most likely won’t be casting until three episodes have been written. Which pains me because casting is my favorite part! I love seeing all you unique sounds and art styles. Currently only close friends are doing work for this project until it’s open to the public. Once that happens we’ll need a little bit of everyone! About five years ago, when I was 15, I attempted to make an audio drama with a friend from school. It didn’t go to plan as we got busy with school. The biggest mistake we made was casting people before we were even ready. So, i will not be repeating the same mistakes.

What Roles Are You Going To Need Filled?

Let’s see… I’m going to start with artists. I intend to have background artists as well as pony artists. I know a lot of pony artists have issues drawing backgrounds so this is going to be a necessity if we want to get the artists. The background artists will also be able to draw ponies too, don’t worry. But if you can draw backgrounds you are more likely to get accepted as an artist. Even if it’s traditional art, we can have someone digitalize it or you can scan it. As for voice actors, pretty much everyone. We also do have some OCs but they are minor and most likely non-reoccurring characters. We only have Apple Bloom, Rainbow Dash, Shining Armor, and Smokie Salve casted as of now. We'll need the Mane 6 (sans RD), the CMC (sans AB), Chrysalis, Zecora, Granny Smith, Spike, Teeter Tot (Male Teen), Fairy Floss (Adult Male), and Bubblegum Melody (Filly). I personally do not intend on voicing anyone as I feel like you guys can do much better than I. If push comes to shove and no one auditions for a character, Lullaby or I will take them. But I do not think this will be the case. Sadly, almost all of the cast has feminine voices except three characters and some guards. All minor characters. I tried my best to fit in OCs so people who cannot do impressions have a chance at auditioning but we only have four as of now. I will accept auditions for audio and video editors as well even though we don’t absolutely need them, it’s still nice to have a few more people. We’ll also have a song/parody writer audition. I think that’s all? If there’s more I’ll edit this.

Alright, Who Do You Have So Far?

Well, Lullaby and I do a little bit of everything. She voice acts, sings, writes parodies, makes character designs, writes, etc. I voice act, sing, video edit, draw, write, etc. As for the others, that’s where it gets a little confusing. Since this project is so old we have a lot of people who are inactive in terms of the project but I know would get active once they’re able to fill their roles. I’ll label some of the people I’m certain are staying. Starting with artists! Well- artist. Singular. He has already drawn the entire first part of scene one which I plan to use in a teaser eventually so look out for that. LucifersLullaby, or just Lucifer for short, also plans to audition for voice roles. REDACTED is our original music/sound guy. He has even made an original demo theme song for our audio drama that sounds awesome! Municorn is a video editor along side myself. He intends to also do the music for the teaser I mentioned earlier. He eventually will also audition for characters. Cats Combs is our Rainbow Dash and Tiger Lumi is our Apple Bloom. T’Downit Strider is Shining Armor and Smokie Salve (OC). The other two founders are decently active as well, not just Strider. Vortex is waiting for just chance to jump back to script writing, i know that much!

Character Concepts

Mane 6

Supporting Characters

Cutie Mark Crusaders



All Done By [REDACTED]

First Theme Song Demo

Second Revision Instrumental

Second Revision w/ Lyrics

Common OC Issues

- There are 6 stripes on her socks. The top being blue and the bottom being white.- She has heterochromia. her right (your left) eye is pink and her left (your right) eye is purple. - Her collar has a trapezoid shaped tag. Not a bell. Try to make it sharp!Warning: Once you get to the bottom you may experience lag due to the GIFs!

These Were Either Done By Me or Base Edits Done By Me.


T'Downit Strider's (Boyfriend's) OCs

Art Others Have Made Of Me

Lucifer's Lullaby


Lamp Horse



Crescend Cinnamon


Zeus KrAZy



I Don't Remember qwq


Hello! I'm Ali and I do voice work... along with other things. I'm not the greatest at it but I'm always willing to lend my voices to those who may want it. I'm getting better at it with every project and learning new things along the way! I guess I also do art, singing, and video gaming but it's not as prominent. Anyways, on with the showcase!

Voice Acting Projects I've Been In

MLP G5 Animatic Confrontation
by Robin Jacks

As all the Mares

Really proud of this one :3

MLP G5 Animatic Consequence
by Robin Jacks

As Opaline, Izzy, and Misty

Not proud of this one, I was having a really off day but needed to send in my lines. Could have done better.

HORROR GAME: Amnesia: Starlight's Vengeance
by Zeus KrAZy

As Starlight Glimmer

First brony voice acting project I've been in. This game is playable on VRChat. You should check it out!

Lil' Misfits Pilot
by ItsMoeTho

As Konan

First voice acting project period. It was a joy to be a part of this and I remember how excited I was!

My Tiny Human Episodes 8 & 9
by *TheGachaShipper*

As Adel & Charlie

I'm still a voice in this to this date. It's interesting playing two completely different characters. But fun nonetheless!

The Legend of the Nighthunter: A My Little Pony Story - Chapter 1 (A Slandered Hero Remembered) (16+)
by Golden Oak Studios

As Princess Cadance & Sunny Sapphire

I only recently got a hang on making my microphones quality sound good so my voice is very echo-y in all of these qwq


In Our Town as Starlight Glimmer

I just realized when making this category that I have little songs I've actually sang on the internet other than on smule.


This is just gonna be a collage of art I've drawn by hand. Some old, some recent. It's very inconsistent and not in order.

Rather than listing off every form of media I enjoy, I'm going to just show images of all the media I enjoy instead :D

Video Games


There's more than this I'm just lazy. Put all my effort into shows.


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